As a leader in the wireless speaker world, the Kilburn II has set the bar with high standards. The speaker is a great addition for any trip or adventure. Any instant music party or music sharing. The overall quality of the speaker will allow you to keep a smooth soundtrack going anywhere you go. The classic leather look and modern edge gives the Kilburn II a futuristic vintage appeal. The entire speaker is modeled after guitar amps and has the same look and appeal. It is something that is sough after for the design, versatility, function, durability and sound.


No matter the location, the Kilburn II speaker is multidimensional in more ways than one. The overall sound of the speaker indoors and outdoors is a conversation starter. The quick charge of the speaker will allow you to be prepared for any last-minute adventure. In less than 20 minutes, you will have a 3-hour charge for any road trip, beach visit or just plain fun. At once, two phones can be connected to the speaker for any song of choice. A full charge of the device will provide you a 20 plus hour music filled experience. Even on the go, you can track your batteries life span, which allows you to charge when needed.

Sound and Function

The size of the speaker should not be underestimated, it has 36 watts provides a pristine sound that elevates any song. The Kilburn II effortlessly produces a seamless 19.9 kilohertz frequency that increases the bass of the music. With an adjustable bass and treble controls, you can modernize the sound to fit the song. The wireless experience brings the speaker to life by allowing you to play a song anywhere. The clean, crisp sound provides any song studio quality sound. This helps bring music to life in a completely different. It is a more supreme sound than any headphones or mobile phone.

JRC did a great review on it:

Durability and Design

With a 30-foot wireless Bluetooth 5.0 aptx connection, the speaker provides a seamless experience. Only weighing 5.5 pounds, the lightweight speaker is a great companion for a poolside party, beach or camping trip. It is water resistant on the exterior, the metal screen on the speaker is not water resistant. So if you get excited in the pool while your favorite song comes on, don’t worry the Kilburn II is water resistant. The metal is a conversation piece, the design of the mesh on the speaker pays homage to the microphone. The speaker can easily become a true music lover’s favorite speaker. Every piece of the design was built with you in mind. The speakers rugged appearance gives it a great advantage to be durable in any environment and makes the Killburn II one if not the best vintage looking retro bluetooth speaker.

Killburn II is available on the Marshall webpage: