Franz Ferdinand has become one of the most underrated bands in British rock, in recent years. That being said, one can easily forget how this band first swept into the scene around a decade ago. They were initially hailed as indie-rock insurgents when their self-titled 2004 debut album was released.

At this time, the central mission of the band was to create records that people can actually dance to. While that may seem like a superficial comment that can be easily dismissed, it is vital that we take note of its all-important subtext. Franz Ferdinand was a band that sought to do away with the British indie scene’s boys-club culture. Their record overtly and slyly mocked the pseudo-scrappy romanticism of bands such as the Libertines. In its place, they would help establish a counter-culture that carries a smarter and sexier vibe.

Their fifth album, entitled Always Ascending, seems to be a throwback to the band’s original mission. The music itself is notably rawer yet it harkens back to the danceable feel that we have come to associate with their earlier records. This album is definitely a must-try for any Franz Ferdinand fan.